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We Put Pests To Rest

For over three decades, Thorough Pest Control 1 has been your front-line defense against unwanted pests in both residential and commercial properties. Our commitment is more than just extermination; it’s about ensuring safety, peace of mind, and a pest-free space.

Leading Pest Control Company Serving Brooklyn, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

At Thorough Pest Control 1, we’re more than just exterminators – we’re your neighbors in Brooklyn, NY, dedicated to protecting your home and business. Boasting over 30 years of experience, we specialize in services like bed bugs treatment, cockroach extermination, rodent extermination, rodent exclusion, flea control, and ant management. 

Our founder’s genuine love for the job reflects in the rapport we develop with clients and our high repeat customer rate. When you reach out, you’re directly in touch with the expert who’ll address your concern, ensuring clarity and trust. Our guarantee speaks volumes of our unwavering commitment to service excellence. By putting ourselves in your shoes, we promise swift solutions tailored to your schedule. Choose us for an unparalleled pest control experience.

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Why Choose Us?

Your Personalized Pest Control Expert

Why choose Thorough Pest Control 1? Our reputation speaks for itself. With over three decades in the business, our experience has equipped us to tackle every pest challenge. We don’t just offer services; we build lasting relationships, always ensuring repeat customers.

With us, it’s personal. From the moment you call, to the service delivery, you are assured unmatched customer service. Our founder’s passion and guarantee reflect our dedication. Whether it’s flexibility in scheduling or our genuine empathy for clients, every interaction is tailored for satisfaction.

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Expert Experience Guaranteed!

Experience Unmatched Pest Solutions

At Thorough Pest Control 1, every interaction is rooted in understanding, respect, and the desire to offer real solutions. We recognize that every pest issue is unique, much like our clients. Thus, our approach goes beyond mere extermination. We dive deep into understanding the root of the problem, adjusting to your schedule, and ensuring that the solutions provided align perfectly with your requirements.

It’s not just about ridding your space of pests; it’s about ensuring peace of mind, comfort, and a lasting bond. With us, you’re not just hiring a pest control company; you’re investing in a partnership that prioritizes you.

Reliable Services, Proven Results

At Thorough Pest Control 1, trust is paramount. We’ve built our reputation through consistent, effective pest solutions tailored for both residential and commercial needs. Dive deeper into our services to discover how we can protect your space from pesky invaders.


Bed Bugs

Our bed bugs pest control prioritize your safety. Utilizing “green chemicals” derived from plants and eco-friendly methods without harmful pesticides, we ensure a clean, safe environment.

Bed Bugs

  • Green chemical treatments
  • Eco-friendly methods
  • Chemical-free solutions
  • Safe for residential areas
  • Expert bed bugs exterminator


As the top cockroach exterminator in Brooklyn, NY, we use effective baits and chemicals, offering solutions tailored for both homes and restaurants to ensure a pest-free environment.


  • Effective bait usage
  • Proven chemical treatments
  • Specialized for restaurants
  • Rapid infestation removal
  • Reliable cockroach control

Rodent Extermination

With our rat exterminator services, we ensure the safety of your loved ones. We skillfully conceal bait stations, protecting kids and pets while guaranteeing a rodent-free home.

Rodent Extermination

  • Mice and rat solutions
  • Concealed bait stations
  • 90-day service guarantee
  • Kid and pet-friendly
  • Comprehensive rodent removal


Our flea exterminator services are designed to counter them effectively. With targeted chemical treatments and comprehensive fogging, we ensure fleas are eradicated from your space.


  • Targeted chemical treatments
  • In-depth fogging methods
  • Safe non-living space usage
  • Efficient flea vacuuming
  • Expert flea control

Rodent Exclusion

Prevent rodents from ever returning with our rodent exclusion services. We seal homes, ensuring no future invasions. Our methods guarantee a safe and rodent-free home.

Rodent Exclusion

  • Comprehensive home sealing
  • Advanced rodent proofing
  • Effective exclusion techniques
  • Protect against re-entry
  • Long-lasting solutions


Our ants pest control approach uses specialized baits and sprays designed to target and eradicate these pesky invaders, ensuring your space remains ant-free.


  • Specialized ant baits
  • Effective ant sprays
  • Targeted carpenter ant solutions
  • Sugar ant extermination
  • Comprehensive ant control
  • Fast-acting treatments
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Thorough Pest Control 1 is Brooklyn, NY’s most trusted pest control company, always ready to serve. For years, our clients have enjoyed a pest-free environment, thanks to our comprehensive services and dedication to excellence. Whether it’s a residential or commercial space, we’ve got you covered. If pests are bothering you, don’t wait for the situation to get worse. Let our experts step in, analyze the situation, and offer effective solutions. Let’s work together to ensure your space is safe and comfortable.

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Geri R.


Knowledgeable and reliable!



Kylie B.


Needed an emergency exterminator one night and Victor ensured me he would be able to come the next morning. Victor came to my apartment at 6am and did a tremendous job treating and proofing my apartment against pests. He was courteous, professional, punctual, and time efficient. Highly recommend Victor to anyone suffering from the pests of NYC!



Tiffany L.


Can’t say enough good things about Victor, who was prompt, professional and took the time to answer all of my questions. He took me through the process of how to eliminate mice and was thorough. There is also a free follow up two weeks later which is much appreciated.



Talea W.


I would like you to know , Mr. Victor is an expert. He is trustworthy , noble and got rid of the awful HUGE Rat that somehow invaded my home. Victor was a gentleman, explained what he was doing and kept his word. within 24 hours — the HUGE RAT was caught. We are forever thankful and Bless his decent Heart. We can feel safe now. Amen . Thank you for being an honest soul and an expert.



Skylar H.


He was very reliable and flexible! Offered very fast and professional service, I will definitely utilize his services again!



Glennie R.


Hello New Yorkers and neighbors,
I want to be the first of many to give this service the thumbs up on works that they have done for my home/office. The service provided has always been top notch and courteous. He was always on time and asked many questions with great details on what he will be doing and if there will be a follow up. After Thorough has left I had no problems with pests of any kind and I would recommend him to my family and friends. The price is affordable and the environmental issue he cares about mean a lot to me.




Thorough pest control sealed up holes in different areas of my house he also placed mouse traps down in areas that are children safe I am pleased to say Mr dunning has done an excellent job. Have not seen a mouse since thank you.




Excellent individual who knows what he’s doing to keep pests out of sight for very long periods of time I will recommend his service to everyone, the best hands down!




Would 100% recommend Thorough Pest Control to anyone living in NYC. They really do live up to the thorough name. Victor was excellent in assisting our rodent problem. He searched every inch of our apartment (moving furniture) ensuring there was no access points for any rodents to enter. He also arrived on time & is extremely knowledgeable. I could not be happier with our experience with Thorough Pest Control.



I Cook

Professional, dependable, efficient and effective. I have used this service for years at my home and at rental properties and the service has always been extremely reliable and great.

Google Reviews


G Nelani

This man Victor is noble , trustworthy and knows exactly what he is doing. My family thanks him for being an excellent exterminator . I highly recommend his services.

Google Reviews


Veronica Wade

I had the Best experience with Thorough Pest Control! They relieved my stress level tremendously by ridding my house of flies, mice, and fruit flies! My house is back to being my Sanctuary! I recommend this Company. They are professional and get the job done! Thank you Thorough Pest Control for a Job well done!!!!!

Google Reviews

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